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Saturday, April 5, 2008 ♥

New payment option coming soon :)

EDIT (29/06): That took quite long :] Besides meetup, I do bank transfer and ibanking now. hmmm, so postage option is available :)

orders to shadowfang_@hotmail.com @ 11:10 PM

♥ typical girl

loves shopping and Japan

ALL prices exclude postage!!

Do view earlier history. More great items there :D!

mail all orders to shadowfang_@hotmail.com.

♥ history

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♥ nuffnang

♥ promotions

hell yea! promotions!!!

every $30 spent entitles you to FREEEE normal postage.

every $50 spent entitles you to FREEEE normal postage + FREE GIFT :]

mail all orders to shadowfang_@hotmail.com.

♥ terms&conditions

1. No DEAD buyers.
2. I accept payment via bank transfer/ibanking OR meetups only.
3. Postage prefereddd! :D
4. No haggling.
5. Items are non-refundable.
6. DO NOT MIA for meetups.
7. All apparels here are BN or worn less than 2x.
8. Actual item's color may differ slightly from image due to lighting.
9. I entertain cancellations (pls inform 3 days in advance).
10. Swaps allowed but not encouraged.
11. For swaps, pls add $3 more :]

*We reserve the right to alter my T&C without prior notice.

*Ataraxia-shop is not responsible for any lost mails. Our responsible ends when we've sent out mails. To prevent lost mails, pls choose registered mail instead.

♥ payment options&collection mode

Bank transfer/IBanking
1. Acc no. will be given thru email after orders are confirmed.
2. After the transfer, emailed me the amt transferred, ref no. and date/time of transferred.
3. I will mail you again to confirm payment.

1. Meetups usually @ Bangkit LRT/Marsiling/Woodlands MRT
2. Meetups can be arranged according to my schedule.
3. Pls do not be late for more than 15mins.
4. Bring exact money.

1. Normal postage (at your own risk) starts from $1. 2. For registered postage, pls add $2.25 on top of normal postage.
3. Recommended for light items like apparels/accessories.
4. Upon mailing it out, I will email you.

♥ wanted

Majolica Majorca Mascara
ELF Mechanical Eyelash Curler
Little Miss Stubborn Tee
Electric-Blue Stripped Cardigan
Velvet Foot Socks (black/purple)

Hit me with your best price :D

♥ enquiries

no adverts here, darlings. i will del them.

♥ adverts

no enquiries here, darlings. high chance of missing them.

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link me and i'll link you back! :D

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simply styles

♥ sold

#001 Tokyofashion pink tunic
#014 Slogan tee
#025 Majolica Majorca Mascara (Volume)
#026 Majolica Majorca Neo automatic Liner
#028 Necklace

♥ thanks loads